Auburn Pressure washing


If you are in need of pressure washing services in the greater south Seattle area, look no further, get in touch with Auburn Valley Painting for your next power washing project. We are a trusted, professional, and local company that can get the job done right. With the proper solutions and tools needed for a quality power wash we only use safe and efficient techniques to bring the life and shine back to your project’s exterior.

Our team at Auburn Valley Painting specializes in safe pressure washing practices which are applied with care when it comes to cleaning your exterior surfaces. Without using harmful chemicals which can damage the siding, plants, and other substrates, we chose to use all environmentally friendly/green products if not pure water itself.

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Auburn Pressure Washing


Whether your project is big or small, rain or shine, we offer all season pressure washing services to get your home or business looking its best throughout the year. Our team at Auburn Valley Painting is committed to transforming the look of your business or home’s dirty exterior to a clean, warm, and welcoming dwelling place.

Our crews are professionally trained in pressure washing moss, dirt, and grime from various substrates in a safe fashion which can effectively clean and restore your property’s brick, stone, vinyl siding, wood siding, sidewalks and more!

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  • Commercial pressure washing services
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Auburn Pressure Washing Services


Over time, dirt, mold, moss, and algae can grow on your siding, concrete and shingles. If not properly maintained, this can ultimately lead to damage beyond repair, resulting in roof or siding replacement. For this reason, you can trust our team at Auburn Valley Painting to thoroughly clean and treat areas in need. When it comes to restoring your home’s surfaces and giving them a fresh look, we can save you time and money.

Our team at Auburn Valley Painting offers pressure washing services which allow us to apply a safe amount of pressure that can properly remove contaminants without damaging any substrates or surrounding plants. Give us a call when you are searching for:

  • Pet friendly pressure washing services
  • Plant friendly pressure washing services
  • Effective pressure washing services
  • Pressure washing services near me

For your questions regarding pressure washing services, call Auburn Valley Painting today.

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